• BreAna

Slippers or Sandals? Or Both?

When I first saw this shoe style, I immediately disregarded it, simply because I thought it was a slipper. However while doing my weekly splurge on #ASOS, I came across the most beautifully-colored furry sandal! I immediately thought: WHOA, I NEED! After doing my research, I discovered that this shoe is in fact a SANDAL, but can be worn as a houseshoe.

Back when I lived in Michigan, Uggs were my go-to. Now that I'm a 3-year old Arizonian, there's no need for them. I was pretty bummed when I had to give all my Uggs away, however, this "kinda new" style I recently re-encountered may just be a winner for me. #BringBacktheUggs

You can purchase these #OhYeah Ugg Sandals here.


HUGE FAN of these slipper sandals. Though it takes some getting used to because it feels like you're walking on a pile of pillows, these are a MUST GET!

And no, they are not just house-shoes. Bomb fashion can be worn outside and inside with these.