• BreAna


Ladies, I tell my clients this all the time! It seems so simple but as women, we sometimes want to wear the size we WANT to be. This is not doing justice for you, your body, or your clothes/shoes!

You want to be able to wear your clothing with ease and comfort. Not being able to sit or walk comfortably will cause your entire look to be thrown off. This also includes shoes that are too little! I tell my clients that comfortability matters the most.

Personally, I have designated many of my shoes as “Dinner ONLY” shoes, which means I’m walking in that restaurant and sitting down and looking cute, ONLY.

I also have my “going out shoes”. These shoes are the shoes I will ONLY wear going out because I know I’ll be able to walk in them after a few hours.

I would also suggest ALWAYS bringing flats with you. If you know you’re going to be going out and your feet will hurt, the best thing to do is find a pair of flats the same color as your pump or whatever shoe you’re wearing and having them on standby.

Always be prepared!